Sample Gown Condition Rating

Floor samples

Sample gowns are a great way for brides land a gown that was originally way above their price point. When shopping for a Sample Gown, it's important to learn the gown's condition. We have created a rating system to help brides know exactly what they are buying. The amount of the discount is reflected in the set price of the sample. The newer the gown, the closer the price will be to the original retail price. An older gown in need of some repair will show a large discount from the retail price, sometimes up to 80 % off. Typically a Excellent Condition gown will be up to 40% off where as an older or Damaged gown will be upwards of 80% off. 

Our Rating System 

New - gown is brand new, in the shop from 'a misorder' and has not been on the store floor for try ons. 25-30% off 

Excellent - sample is in excellent condition. Sample is a recently acquired gown that has only been tried on in the store a handful of times  40% off

Good - sample is in good condition but requires minor repair or minor spot clean.Please budget for these minor repairs. Pictures of lightly damanged areas posted. 50-60% off

Damaged - sample has repairable damage that a seamstress and/or dry cleaner can rectify to be beautiful for your wedding day. Please budget for these repairs. Pictures of damaged posted. 70-80% off

Taxes for our Michigan customers are 6% of the discounted price.